Private Preview

The private preview went really well. Looking around what everyone had achieved made me feel so satisfied and proud because it looked like a real professional exhibition.

My sister visited and enjoyed the preview a lot. The atmosphere was great and I saw many things for the first time. I particularly liked Vilja’s video installation that talked about fear and my sister thought Adam’s “blood message” was really powerful.

I think there is lots of room for improvement for me in the future. I could have done more with my exhibition space. The location plays such a big role in the design and project itself so I think I should have emphasised it more by perhaps adding the sounds of nature or a video of the woods. My time management in general was not great. I finished just in time because I started too late with my design development and then was not able to get any appointment with David the 3D technician.

Despite the stress I enjoyed my FMP a lot. The project was close to my home, which inspired me to work extra hard to create something interesting.



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