Spirit level and more cleaning

I did not have enough time to put up my sheets on Thursday because I had to pick up my sister from the station so I was mainly cleaning the floor and painting the white board that goes underneath my model. Today I decided to put up all my perspective drawings of the pavilion instead of only 3 (as discussed with Helen). Millie moved out of her space into a different room on short notice so Rhys and I had a whole big wall to fill. Phoebe and Amy helped me to choose the layout of the sheets.

I ended up sticking the artist impressions on Rhys’ side of the exhibition space so that we weren’t so separated from the rest of the group. It took us about an hour to put up the sheets as we had to measure everything and use the spirit level. I was glad Phoebe was there to help me, she had done it before.

I really like having this much space because I think it goes with the aesthetics of my design. I gained a lot of insight in what type of problems may occur during setting up an exhibition. and that a good relationship with your technicians is vital as I needed boards, plinths and shelves to be screwed to the wall.


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