E-magazine committee

Phoebe, Hannah and I volunteered a couple of weeks ago to design this year’s e-magazine. We spent the whole of today deciding on colours, typography and inDesign templates. It was really interesting to look at Brookes’ guidelines. We had to for example use the Helvetica Neue fond family and there are primary and secondary colours, which we had to use. Since we all agreed on the fact that we did not really like Brookes’ bright green and bright pink primary colour we decided on different shades of pink/red/purple/blue in a more pastel form. Once we figured out our templates we started to divide our work. Phoebe copy and pasted students’ text in the template (also feature students), Hannah started editing people’s work and I edited the photos of peoples faces that go on each spread.

Today I got a lot more insight in inDesign and Adobe Bridge (for example I can edit a lot of images at the same time in Bridge, which really makes things easier). We got so much done in just one day but are obviously far from being done. Lucy gave us free for tomorrow so we will continue next week. It is a bit annoying to chase everyone down and tell them to hand in their information and images but I guess if people don’t get it done in time they won’t get a spread in the magazine.

I really enjoy this sort of exercise as I like working with the Adobe Creative Cloud. Since I had to use it so many times this year I have become quite fluent in it, which really helps me with this work.


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