Exhibition Set-Up

After deciding on plinths and starting to fill wall holes on Monday I spent the day painting walls and painting and fixing my plinth and shelve with filler. I spontaneously thought of using a shelve because I want to display my sketchbooks to show my development and to make more sense of the task. Since my sketchbooks include all my experimental thinking and sketchup designing I really think they can positively contribute to my exhibition.

Painting the wall was quite the struggle as it turned out that some of the rollers painted a grey tone for some unknown reason. We had to wait till everything was dry and then paint over it in white. Painting my plinth was as difficult. It had many holes and the edges were neither clean nor straight. I managed to tidy it up by using lots of filler and later painting over it. It was the plinth that stood outside Richard Hamilton for the past weeks, which meant it was really dirty.


Helen will give us 3D students our individual spaces next week because she wants everything else sorted out first. It is a bit annoying for me as I am going home on Friday and won’t return till the following Wednesday as I got invited to an interview and exam at a uni in Germany. Since I finished my plinth and shelve already, however, I think I will be fine next week as I only need to hang up posters.



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