Finishing my Model

My modrock landscape is finally dry so I was able to stick the pieces of clay onto the modrock. I used the hot glue gun for this even though it is really easy to remove the stones from the landscape or from each other. I ended up not sticking the pavilion onto the clay so it is technically lose but still very stable. I like the fact that one could remove all the puzzle pieces and put them back together in a different way at any time. This is what the design intended. The stones are a base for the pavilion and are formed by nature. Naturally the design looks different each time the stones are moved or replaced.

I do hope that it won’t be an issue during my exhibition if the pavilion is lose on the stones (like people who touch it or perhaps even steal it).

Also: Will need to put a bin bag on the model over the next couple of days because I don’t want dust and dirt to cover the model’s surface.


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