Gull-wing door

For the entrance of my pavilion I wanted to design a gull-wing car door like shape. Since the project is called “Pavilion in the Black Forest” and it was originally intended to be a more open space I feel like I need to bring in a feature that supports the characteristics of a pavilion. A large gull-wing door, if open, would allow lots of light to come in the inside of the building and make it a more inviting place.

Since my pavilion is, however, also intended to be a safety cabin like space I really wanted people to be able to close the pavilion up in case of a bad weather scenario.

A gull-wing door has many advantages such as spending shade, water will be able to drain of (due to its round shape) and lots of light will spread inside the pavilion. I looked into the mechanism of this type of door that is typically used for old cars.


It is easy to install and a safe option as a door. I will include a diagram of it on my final presentation sheet.


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