Day 5 of Model Building

Today I just spent on making a landscape for my model. I decided I wanted a very plain model so I won’t add any grass or trees to put the focus on to my actual model. I still wanted a rockier landscape for my model so I used modrock and newspaper to create little hills. It took me the whole day as I was trying to smooth the modrock. I sort of managed it but I gave up after 5 hours of “modrocking” as I think it won’t get any smoother. I was thinking of painting it to make it more even but I don’t think I will. I quite like the dirty white colour of the modrock, it looks organic and really goes with my theme. After the modrock and my clay stones are dry I can attach and stick all bits and pieces to my model.

Rodrigo managed to print out my figures but unfortunately he printed it out on perspex instead of wood (there must have been a misunderstanding). I really don’t like the perspex and don’t think it goes well with the theme of my design and model. Adam offered me to print my figures out again tomorrow during his session so I was quite lucky.

Tomorrow and on the weekend I will try and get my last couple of sheets done so that I will be able to finish Sunday Night (hopefully not too late). I also want to finish my sketchbook, there are only a couple of pages left so I think I can get it all done.


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