My last Tutorial

Helen hadn’t seen my model yet so I think she was quite glad how far I had gotten without her help. I used this session mainly to talk about the exhibition layout. I previously was thinking about perhaps projecting an image of the location on the pavilion’s model. There are, however, too many issues related to this idea so I crossed that idea out of my mind. I asked Helen whether she thought printing the image out and mounting it behind the model was a nicer idea but she thought it was unnecessary as I will have an architectural visualisation of the model in the location, which will be placed next to the model.

We also discussed the sheets I still need to do before Monday:

  • Interior Design Sheet (drawings/artist impression/floor plan)
  • Final Design Sheet (materials/photos/interior features/gull-wing door)
  • Model Building Sheet (images of development)
  • SketchUp Sheet (to show my development)
  • Final Architectural Visualisation
  • Finish Sketchbook

I have quite a lot to do (this is all in addition to finishing my model), so I really hope I can get it done in time.

Last but not least we went over my models landscape and she liked my proposal (making a landscape out of modrock).

I will not go back to finishing the model of my pavilion.


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