Day 3 Model Building

I was able to go to Homebase this morning for another round of dowels. Unfortunately they did not have enough of the quarter dowels, which I need for one of my bubbles. Since I am on a strict schedule I decided to get similar ones to the quarter dowels and perhaps stick them in a place that is not that obvious.

I then spent another 2 hours in David’s workshop sawing dowels. I must have spent in total about 4 hours just sawing dowels, which is the most exhausting activity I can think of. I think I will put it all on a sheet to show how much time it took me to make this model.

Door wise I decided to only slightly suggest an opening. It did not work out as well as thought it would so I will ask Helen about it tomorrow during my tutorial. I think that if I put the stone steps where the door is it will be more obvious where the entrance to the pavilion should be.

Where the door would be

I also finally started with the coffee sticks. I was testing the most efficient way of cutting them into pieces and decided that using my littler helper (for the sawing) as a ruler and then cutting them with scissors was the easiest and quickest way. Sadly this last wooden tile spheroid is not very neat row wise. The shape is not perfectly round so I’m having to improvise a bit. I hope it won’t look too “handcrafted”.

Measuring the tiles

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