Sawing and Bulking.

Today I was finally able to get an appointment with David the 3D technician. He has been very busy with building the 3rd year degree show for the past weeks so I was not able to talk to him earlier. He helped me with cutting my wooden board in half ( it was too big, I got it from Homebase but they were not able to cut it down for me). I also bought different kinds of dowels from Homebase. I thought that if I would cut them into thin disks they would be perfect as representations for the logs on my pavilion’s wall. I was hoping that David had an easy and efficient way in mind to cut the dowels into right sizes. Unfortunately he let me know that there was no other way than to saw it myself, which turned out to be a sweaty, time consuming and painful experience (not to be dramatic but after 2 hours I felt like my hands were about to fall off). He helped me to build a little construction that would make sure each disk was the same size and easy to saw.

My little helper made the job so much easier.

2 hours later I realised I hadn’t bought enough dowels and that I will have to go back to Homebase to buy and later saw some more.

I then spent the afternoon bulking my model into a better shape. Archie had the great idea to cut into the corners where the spheroids meet and to push them further in, in order to emphasise each shape. It really helped and I was a bit more satisfied with the shape.

I finally started glueing some initial disks on the bubbles and to my surprise it looked quite good. I am very relieved that the model is coming along so well (even though there are many struggles along the way).


I also started making a couple of “stones” out of clay on which the pavilion will later stand on. Tomorrow I will continue with sticking disks on the surface of the pavilion and make more clay stones. I am aiming to start with the landscape of the wooden board by Wednesday.




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