Building my Model

Starting to build my model included many complications along the way. I was struggling with my initial ideal of making the model out of chicken wire as it was hard to bend in the right position and not ideal for attaching the wood. Nevertheless it would allow me to make the pavilion with an opening so one can look inside and get a feeling of the interior.

An initial maquette I made using chicken wire.

I then had the idea to make the model using a cardboard armature (like I did making my animation puppet at the beginning of the course. The pavilion would be completely sealed but the armature would give a nice idea about the shape and material I would be using. I asked Helen about it and she agreed mentioning that I would have to mark where the door would be.

A maquette I made using cardboard, gum tape and newspaper. I also experimented with coffee sticks as wooden tiles.


I started with the armature today and had surprisingly many issues with it. Even though it all made sense in theory it was tricky to join the three spheroids so they created a perfect bubble pavilion like I had done digitally. I ended up being very frustrated with the outcome as it just did not look like I had previously imagined. The sizes of my floor plan and perspective drawings did not match for some reason so I improvised trying to match my model to my digital one with only eye sight.

Cardboard armature of the model on my floor plan.

Eve who had been working on the cardboard armature model of her dragon encouraged me saying it does not matter that the cardboard armature does not look perfect as it will look better once I cover everything in gum tape. I followed her advise and she was right. The model did thankfully look way more accurately with gum tape on the surface.

Covering my model in gum tape.

I am still not completely satisfied with the outcome as my bubbles are still a bit oddly shaped. I think I will try to put thick pieces of newspaper in places where it needs bulking out in order to improve the shape tomorrow. I really hope I will be able to make the spheroids more round and well shaped as the final outcome really depends on the perfection of this stage.


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