Floor Plan and Perspective Plans

As I am putting together my final development sheets and final pavilion sheets I need to think about the size I want my pavilion to be. So far I was manly thinking about shape and proportion but since I want to start building my model tomorrow I really need decide on a size of the spheroids. I am also busy making a floor plan and perspective plan of my pavilion at the moment for which I will need a ratio as well.

I decided on a 1:20 ratio. My biggest spheroid is 2,80 m high and the interior is around 6,75m x 4,30 m big. The door will be 2m high, an average size for doors.

The interior I decided to decorate with a large wooden couch (2m long) that will also serve as a bed in case people need to stay over (they can spread sleeping bags on it). I also put a table and seats in there for normal picnics and lunch breaks. The last bubble contains a bench with first aid box and emergency phone underneath it and a large map of the area. I was going to put an oven in the pavilion but decided it was to risky as the pavilion will be made out of wood. The door will be a wide gull-wing door, which opens up to the air and therefore will bring lots of light into the pavilion, serve as an “umbrella”, but can also be closed at night or in case of bad weather.

I will look more into the mechanics of gull-wing doors and will hopefully be able to do a sheet on interiors once I finished my model. Now that I have my plans I will, however, start with building my model as I predict this will take quite a lot of time.


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