Deciding on a Wall Design

Choosing the right wall design has been quite the struggle over the last couple of days. Originally I intended to make the whole pavilion out of wooden tiles:

Wood Tile Pavilion original

I showed it to my family and they really liked it (if I would make the whole pavilion horizontal on a bed of stones.) It would be quite a good choice in terms of preventing water from dripping in as well. I also showed it to Helen but she thought it was still a bit boring just using one design for all three spheroids. She suggested to use a different wooden tiling for each bubble. (She also thought it looked too similar to a pavilion I had researched in the beginning.)

log pavilion different styles

I therefore made another version with different tiling, although I prefer the dark wooden tiling version. In this image it looks a bit uncoordinated because the wood colours don’t match but in my model they would have the same colour.

I also made a version with just stacked logs.

stacked log pavilion photoshop

I then asked around in the studio for people to give me their opinions on the three different versions and to determine their favourite one. It was a tie between the wood tiling option and the 3 wooden styles option. Both Eves liked the “3 style” option, justifying it with the fact that it would give me that extra wow-effect. Rodrigo, Archie and my sister preferred the simpler option with the wooden tiling (who I agree with). Rhys was the only one who quite liked the last stacked wood option.

Model-building wise it is all pretty much the same effort, so it does not really matter what I choose. I find it really hard to decide, so I think I will do some development sheets on this topic and come back to the decision once I will start building my model on Monday.



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