Sketchup Trials and Practice

Since I could’t get a hold of David, the new 3D workshop guy as he is really busy with putting up the degree show I decided to find a new way of experimenting with shape to get my final model. Helen suggested to try and use chicken wire to create my final model in my last tutorial. I tried it out with some available on in the studio but it was way too hard to handle and the mesh was too rough. I therefore wanted to ask David for some finer mesh that would hopefully make it easier to create the spheroids.

Meanwhile I experimented with sketchup. There has been a big hype about it among us architecture students and I felt like it was an easy way to visualise my pavilion. It took me quite a while to get a hang of it and I ended up using the 3D warehouse to download some already existing pebbles that I can manipulate and transform rather than completely design a new spheroid.

Stone Pavilion 2

My first trial, however, looked a lot like 3 joined eggs rather than pebbles so I made the shapes flatter to achieve a more pebble like shape. Stone Pavilion n9

Since I did not manage to create the desired surface structure (stacked logs), I ended up only doing a very small section covered in logs as it takes a lot of time to pull the logs in the right direction. Right not I am struggling with the final surface design. If I just push little log like wood pieces in the mesh water would be able to leak easily in the pavilion. I could decide to create a roof like structure with overlapping wood tiles, probably a better solution.

Stone Pavilion detail 12
This tiling technique would make the pavilion “water resistant”.
Giles Miller Studio: Pavilion in Surrey Hills

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