Final Design and Decisions

I was able to decide on a final model with hopefully more “wow-factor” than my previous idea. I decided to pursue the stone idea and make the model all about the stone’s shape and properties. I experimented a lot with mock-ups made of tape, paper and wire to get an approximate shape. I also experimented with possible materials that can be used for the walls of the pavilion by making collages in my sketchbook. At the moment I am not sure whether I want the walls made of wood or fiberglass. the stacked log idea would really show my development and the pavilion would definitely fit into its environment. It would, however, also look really nice with fiberglass, as the pavilion would be build on real sandstones and “hover” on top of them, making it look like a very light but stone like structure. I was also thinking about making the door open up direction sky so that it can be a possible roof if the weather is nice but would seal the pavilion if the weather is bad.

I have a tutorial with Helen later, so I will discuss my ideas with her. I have 2 weeks left till the end of this project so I should really start with my final design sheets and the model. The issue with my pavilion’s shape is that it is randomly build by me with no real reference to a life object/stone. I feel like that might be a problem when I start building my model as it will look different every time. I need to decide whether does not matter or if I need to make the shape more geometric to make model building/construction and drawing easier.


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