Group Review and Individual Tutorial: Half Time

On Wednesday and Thursday I was able to get a range of feedback from my tutor and my peers. They were all positively surprised by the amount of research I had done and confirmed my decision to continue with design development now. A couple of peers asked me about the interior of my pavilion, which I before had only considered in my mind but hadn’t done any research on it. I asked Helen about it and whether I should do another sheet on the interior but she suggested I can put reference image next to my drawn concepts that serve as inspiration. I was quite glad about that as I am really beginning to feel the time pressure in my neck as we approach the last 2 week of FMP.

In my individual tutorial I got some more critique on the experimental drawing I had done so far. Helen gave me reaction I had not really expected. She thought my cabin/pavilion drawings were a bit boring and not “wow” enough. She preferred the drawings of my stacked stone pebbles that may connect to a pavilion and wanted me to pursue my development in that area suggesting to make it more abstract but still possibly using the wooden material I had researched with. I expressed my previous concern that it might be too much/over the top to use all these different materials but she disagreed and again said she was looking for a “wow-factor” that makes the examiners think: I have never seen something like this.

Following Helen’s advise I know have to change my strategy and will continue working on the stone pebble idea, trying to experiment more. I am planning on deciding on a final design by Sunday so hopefully I will have enough time to experiment.

I finished my first sketchbook, which I am quite glad about. I believe my sketchbook really shows the project’s development so I will continue working in one


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