Prototype 1: Peer feedback

Yesterday I started designing my first possible pavilion. Mainly inspired by different material and the classic shape of a forest cabin I drew a couple of possibilities that all followed a basic idea. Having a favourite pavilion in mind I then asked my friends and peers, which one they liked best and what ideas they had in mind. Surprisingly a lot of them liked the one in the middle, right. It has an angular roof, stacked wood as a wall and a very big door. I decided to design this version with an angular roof so that when it rains, the water will simply flow of the roof and also because it resembles the shape of a traditional cabin. My personal favourite pavilion was the bottom, middle on. It is in a simple rectangular shape and has wooden logs in different lengths as the wall. They were inspired by the forest and its trees.


Eve B. had the idea to combine the angular roof pavilion with the log pavilion, which I quite liked and ended up making a paper prototype of. So far the prototype got general positive reactions.


I am, however, not sure about the different structures as walls as I feel like it might be a bit over the top unless I make the whole pavilion’s theme about different wooden structures (like Woodman’s Treehouse in Dorset (see below).


Surprisingly Archie was the only one who liked the shape and idea of the stone resembling pavilion (even though Eve M. like the idea but not my first sketch of it). I too quite like the idea of it so I might follow up on that idea and see where it leads me just because that shape can be found so often in the black forest as it is build on stone mountains.


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