Research Sheets Progression

After my feedback session with Helen last Wednesday she set me 4 more research sheets to do till next week. I have managed to do all 4 sheets in 5 days, which is quite time efficient. In general I take one whole day for one research sheet. This includes everything: Actual Research, Blog Post, printing out pictures and designing the sheet. I seem to get the hang of making these sheets and it is becoming easier with every sheet, as the all follow a similar style structure.

Material Research Sheet

I am, however, not very satisfied with particular one sheet: the location sheet. It is packed and does not portray enough information about the location I have chosen. I am therefore considering making a new research sheet if I still have time after finishing my project. It is an important research sheet, so I want to put effort into improving it by:

  • Sticking smaller images down
  • Not drawing out of the images (does not look very nice/ is confusing)
  • Adding more information about the location such as structures that may be inspiration for my pavilion

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