Material possibilities

During my research of contemporary cabins and different possibilities of materials I can use for my pavilion I came across this really amazing “Woodman’s Treehouse” that combined a range of designs all build from wood. It showed me the range of this material. I particularly like the stacked wood method as it looks very aesthetically pleasing but also really fits into the location. There are stacked logs spread all over the black forest, which means this method would be a natural development from the structures found in the forest.

I already talked about this method with Helen, my tutor. She, however, noticed that stacked logs would let in moist from for example rain, which would make the walls of the pavilion mould and destroy the wood. I am now considering either making the pavilion a temporary one until one day it will be “claimed back” by nature or to look into methods of ceiling the wood to reject any kind of moist or water.


Concrete: It’s a cheap material that is easy to handle and very stable. It doesn’t look that nice unless the whole building’s design is all about concrete.

Wood: There are many different ways of handling wood, which means there are a range of ways the wall structure may look like. It fits perfectly in the location (–> forest). However, the material may rot after a while so is not suitable for a long term solution (unless treated).

Raw Steel: Looks modern, very stable material. However does not fit in the location. Can be used for a basic structure.

Sandstone: There is lots of sandstone in the location, which makes it very practical. Stable material, not very expensive and looks nice.

Corrugated Metal: Looks not that nice but is a very cheap and easy option. The material is also used for observation towers, so would fit in the location.



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