London Day Trip

Unfortunately I didn’t get to see this year’s Serpentine Gallery pavilion. The exhibition doesn’t start until June 2017 so I was a bit early. I nevertheless got to see a great exhibition by German photographer Wolfgang Tillmans in the Tate Modern and “A World View” by British conceptual artist John Latham in the Serpentine Gallery. I was also able to explore the Tate Modern building and found out that they have a small part downstairs in “the tanks” that shows extraordinary work by conceptual artists. Their work stimulated a range of my senses at the same time such as smell, sound and visual stimulation. I found that idea quite inspirational and thought I could perhaps try a similar approach to my own exhibition at the end of my FMP. If I could include a massive projection of the location where my pavilion is suppose to be build and perhaps play some “nature sounds” in the background it would make the idea of my pavilion more realistic.


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