Dragon’s Den

Today I had my Dragon’s Den presentation in front of an accessory designer, a 4th year architecture degree student and my tutor Helen. Overall it went better than I had anticipated. The name Dragon’s Den had quite the impression on me and my peers in the beginning. We all thought the panel was going to be very strict and intimidating. I turned out to be a quite relaxed experience as they liked my idea of redesigning a hiking pavilion in the black forest and the personal connection I have to my project. The most important feedback included:

  • I need to think about who my client is (forest management/local community)
  • Think about the impact different types of weather can have on the material of my pavilion
  • Look into possibilities for shapes and inspirations (black forest fairy tales/suit view/suit location like over a river)

I am planning on going to London on Wednesday in order to look at this year’s Serpentine Gallery pavilion and other exhibitions to gather research and inspiration. I am hoping to start my first research sheets on Thursday. At the moment, however, I feel a bit lost in the massive task of my FMP.



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