Interior Design Project Evaluation

This project was not my favourite one, which is probably why it took me more time than usual to finish it. I managed to create a couple of idea development sheets and a final design one but to be honest I feel like I have mixed up to many colour palettes in my design. Bright strong colours as well as pastels are two completely different colour palettes that do not work with each other. Lucy confirmed my insecurity on Monday when I discussed my portfolio with her. We agreed on me doing a neater, cleaner version of my final room design sheet. We decided to put my own design in the foreground and to use less colour in the room by making the wallpaper mainly white in the background. I also redid the butterfly wing pattern design sheet with less distraction by removing the grey and butterfly background.

There are parts of this project that I really enjoyed doing, like creating my own wallpaper and experimenting with butterfly wing patterns. I do feel like these parts worked really well. Other parts worked less well in terms of mounting my sheets properly. I still seem to sometimes have trouble with that. Helen told me that my sketchbooks are definitely one of my strength so I will try to focus on that during FMP and perhaps print the pages on larger scale and mount them on A1 sheets.



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