Copenhagen Art Trip 2017

From food markets to one of the most amazing museums I’ve ever been to, Copenhagen has been great. I would definitely come back anytime because I still feel like I haven’t seen enough of this city. Where ever we went there were hidden design treasures that made our day like the light/sound installation in the picture above or the trampolines by the pier. Since I never took any public transportation except for the train to Louisiana I was able to walk the whole city by foot and see even more of it. I really enjoyed the Design Museum and was overall very impressed with Danish Design itself. Everywhere I went I saw small design shops that sold lamps and furniture. On Friday we walked to the Botanical Garden and for a short while I was back in the first week of foundation during the Eden Project. The glass house surprisingly reminded me of English Victorian design. Other buildings that I loved were the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art and the Playhouse opposite the Copenhagen Contemporary. Christiana, although scary at first sight opened my eyes to a different life style in which to some extent adults were like children. They say it is a place without rules but the truth is they had rules. Moral rules and basic rules. Even though it is a European city, Copenhagen is a place like no other with art and design that can be found nowhere else.




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