Feedback on my Paper Library Project

On Wednesday we had a project review. Since I did not have any interviews or portfolio requests the past weeks I actually managed to finish my project. Helen’s feedback was really helpful, as I am still quite insecure about creating A1 research/development/final outcome sheets. My development sheet had too much information on it. I glued many drawings of my paper models on it as well as thumbnail photos of my models. The viewers attention was unfortunately more drawn to the drawings even though the photos were as important. Helen suggested that I could have made two sheets instead of one, spreading out drawings and photographs individually. My final outcome sheet got better feedback although some of my peers thought that the layout was not sensible. The black photos on the left side were more attention grabbing than the rest of the sheet. Again I could have done two sheets instead of one. Nevertheless everyone thought that the amount of work I put into this project and my final design idea were great.

I really enjoyed this project, especially the mixture of working in 3D but also drawing and thinking about the interior structure of the library. It included a but of everything, which taught me a lot about an architectural process.


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