Research on my glass library

While researching glass buildings all over the world I came across some very interesting designs. Some of the, like the Louvre pyramid, are very delicate and clever designed shapes and buildings. The pyramid is still one of my favourite structures ever. The modern entrance too the French museum clashes with the surrounding classical buildings. The complete opposite too this seemly fragile pyramid is the National Centre for the Performing Arts in Beijing. The building is massive and looks like an egg as the half oval shape is reflected in the water site at its feet.

My tutor also suggested I look into different types of glass. Since my building is completely made of glass (except for the basic steel structure) it can heat up very easily, the books can be damaged by too much sun and it can get very dirty. I was therefore thinking of using special self-cleaning glass that can change colour/tone down/reflect light when the sun gets too bright. I will also allow the people who work in the library to not be blended by the sun. There is a special hydrophobic and hydrophilic coating that allows water droplets to either drop off or sheet the water that carries away the dirt. I research electrochromic glass or smart glass that changes opacity from transparent to translucent by blocking particular heat waves and light waves. They do not only help with the sun but can also reduce costs for heating or air conditioning.






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