Paper Library – architectural visualisation

Today I was working on my final model for the library. I used tracing paper to symbolise the transparent glass I want the walls to be of. It allows lots of light to shine into the library. I find that an environment with natural light can support one’s creativity. The tracing paper was unfortunately not very easy to work with as it does not posses the strength I need the walls to have. The model looks a bit messy so I thought I could improve it with photoshop. After spending hours and hours on photoshop, however, I have come to the conclusion that the tracing paper is not transparent enough to reveal the structure of the building and that I do not own the skills I need to make a proper, realistic model of my library. I therefore decided to use a 3D modelling program (Fusion 360) to recreate my library virtually. I have only ever used a 3D modelling program once this summer when I interned for a product/graphic design freelancer. It took me a while to figure out this new program but I really feel like it was the right and sensible decision to work with. I only want to give an insight in what my vision is considering the fact that my paper model does not give full insight in the final idea. Today has been a struggle in lots of ways but I am at the end of the day quite happy with what I have achieved and what new techniques I have learned. (header: making of the computer model)


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