Research Contextual Studies Essay

For my essay a have several very broad ideas that interest me. I am thinking of pursuing the idea of architecture that fuels the creative mind perhaps through a spacious, open and light interior. There is a Studio called “Roosegaarde” in Rotterdam that was converted from a glass factory into a “dream lab”. Many windows and a big interior is suppose to help the workers in this studio to come up with ways that for example eradicate smog pollution.


This sort of Architecture can do all sorts of things for the brain. It can help students to be more focused and motivated in school, a target that was used as an inspiration by the “Law Architects”, a firm that created the “homesteads” a school in Australia. The buildings were constructed with lots of wood and modern shapes that give the place a feeling of homey comfort.


Compared to a building by lets say Gaudi, where the creativity is so overwhelming there is no space for any more ideas I believe that a spacious building with a clean, tidy and light interior can help me concentrate and inspire me on my path of creativity. In fact the Independent wrote an article about “How architecture uses space, light and material to affect your mood“. Using libraries as an example the article discusses what makes a library most effective for its user. Natural light, space that allows ease of movement and different sections for a range of activities are all stated as vital for a successful library. However, the article also mentions that the impression of a library is subjective to every user and can never be perfect for everyone. Adrian Lahoud, dean of the school of architecture at the Royal College of Art adds:

To be a good architect, you need to have a deep appreciation of human character and its capacity for transformation.

Renton Public Libray, Washington

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