Prototype construction

The construction of my prototype lamp was rather frustrating at times. I decided to make the frame using the laser cutter to cut through perspex. After a fail trial (even though I did parts of a cardboard model, I now know to make a full cardboard trial) I had to change my initial blueprint and printed it again. Unfortunately it still did not fully work out as the corners did not fit perfectly together and I miscalculated the amount of pieces without holes. I had to superglue everything together and improvised with the side that did not have any holes. I did this whole prototype without any help, which is probably the reason why it turned out less successful. Next time I will ask my tutor to look over my blueprint first in order to make sure that it will work. I could have saved money and time if I had asked for help in the first place. Nevertheless I feel like the museum people will be able to get an idea of my plan.


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