Film/Photography Project Review

As I am still struggling with the decision of my pathway I now realised that whatever I end up doing I would really like film and photography to play a part in it. This project taught me how to properly use a camera in terms of aperture, time and ISO settings. This knowledge opened up a whole new area of photography to me and I became very interested in long light exposure photography ( I feel like the product looks more like a painting then a photograph).

Yesterday I showed my finished movie to the class and tutor. I got lots of positive feedback from my mates who said they had a dramatic and cinematic experience. They all, however, agreed that my film reminded them of a music video more than of a fine art film. Somebody suggested to turn off the music in the background, which I did, and it turned out to change the entire atmosphere. It suddenly was a very dark and scary film (which I still quite enjoyed). My tutor really liked my film although she told me that she didn’t think I was a fine art student and that she could see me becoming a Vis Com student. She said I created a very dramatic, suspenseful film. Thankfully I never planned to be a fine art student in the first place although I still can’t decide between Visual Communication and 3D.

Ever since I was little I’ve enjoyed creating short films with my friends and took part in film competitions. This film project was, however, the first one that I approached in a more artistic way. I am glad with the outcome and will hopefully have the opportunity to improve my artistic film/photography skills in the future.


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