I finally finished editing my movie last night. I had troubles with the music (copyright) at first but found out that the song I picked is viewable in all countries.

“Nocturnals” explores the relationship the youth has with darkness and night. We are tired in the mornings, work all day, which means we go out at night. Darkness can be scary, but it is our best friend. It  mystifies faces and characters (shown by the monster mask I painted on my friend). My choice of music and the overlaying method I used symbolises the infinite possibilities and futures we still have ahead of us.

I decided to only film at night when light is very special as it is surrounded by darkness. Unfortunately some of my footage turned out to have lots of noise, probably because my ISO was too high. I also found out that when I have a long light exposure the film footage turns out stagnant. The perfect setting for shooting footage in the dark is around 1/50s and an aperture of 2.5. Overall, however, I am quite satisfied with the visual outcome.



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