Photogram Workshop

Photograms are produced in a Dark Room with a red light that is not picked up by the photogram paper. The paper is exposed to light for a particular amount of time with objects on top and later developed in different solvents. For my photogram I used a drawing on tracing paper, scissors, a ruler, a water bottle and an undeveloped film strip. I made many test strips in order to find out to how much light each of my objects had to be exposed to. In the end I used 3sec for the drawing, 4sec for the ruler and film and 6sec for both the pair of scissors and the water bottle. I picked all of my objects by random, so I am hoping to perhaps create a more interesting photogram collection in the future. I think my final big photogram has the right amount of light exposure but is a bit boring. I prefer the smaller test strips as they are more cramped. I really liked this workshop, which was the first time I ever spent in a dark room. I had to get used to the dark lighting first but it was quite intriguing to wait so long to find out what you created with just light on a piece of paper.

My test strips each with a different light exposure time.

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