Eden Project Research

This pinterest board is a collection of artworks by Andy Warhol, Claude Monet, Cy Twombly and John Virtue as well as illustrations by not that well-known artists. While Andy Warhol uses bright and strong colours in his flower print, John Virtue paints his landscapes using only monotones, which creates a very dark and dramatic feeling. VIrtue particularly intrigues me, as there is so much more to the black and white landscapes then just the feeling it creates. To me it is a symbol of how humanity has destroyed nature over centuries with eras such as the industrialisation or the invention of cars. We take the colour out of nature. Twombly’s work on the other hand is, like Warhol’s and Monet’s, very colourful. Nevertheless he uses a lot of red and pink tones, which often relates to pain and suffering. What I really love about Monet’s paintings are the stories behind them. He planted his own garden in Giverny with a wide range of flowers, trees and even a pond, to be able to draw and paint what he sees. With time Monet lost more and more of his eyesight, which can be observed in his paintings over the years. Impressionism somehow fits perfectly to the task of painting a landscape. If I look at a meadow of flowers from a distance they remind me of little colourful dots that fade into each other. Monet understood that, which is why his paintings look like dots close up and like real shapes from a distance.


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