Light and Time – Project Research

This is the music video to the song “Midnight City” by M83. The film plays with time as well as light. The eyes of the children glow in the dark as the time passes by. I think this video delivers a powerful message with the use of these techniques. The video was directed by Fleur&Manu.

These are cyanotype prints by the Dutch artist Edwin Meeuwsen. Cyanotype is a photography printing method that is created by putting an object or a person in front of the photo sensitised paper or cloth that blocks the sun. Using this technique Meeuwsen is able to create unique and beautifully intimate photographs.

This is a music video by the British rock band Muse. People in animal printed suits, mirrors, the strong rock light lead to a strange mood, almost like a dream and make the viewer feel uncomfortable. The suits are later unzipped and reveal that the bodies are space. The music video was directed by Floria Sigismondi. (Note to myself: Mirrors can be very effective in photos videos)

These are photographic works by Patrick Rochon, created by using a mixture of long light exposure and filtering the light through a range of media. His photographs remind me a lot of collages and show what that it is possible to produce real abstract artworks with a camera.

Further long exposure artists:

Street life photographer Lee Friedlander has an eye for the odd and beautiful perspectives. In these photographs he uses light reflection as a medium. These photos are from different projects of his (mannequin, cherry blossom time in Japan, the little screens (from left to right).


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