Animation Project in Retrospect

In my opinion, what was so great about this project was the making of my character. Although very frustrating at times (eg. when I had to cover up cracks with clay and PVA for the 100th time or when my puppet kept falling over because her head was too heavy) I really enjoyed working in 3D. In hindsight I have always preferred working in 3D than to drawing on paper for example. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that sculptures look different from every angle.

When I was taking the photos for my stop-motion animation film I had lots of troubles that I am hoping to improve in the future. My tripod kept moving so the photos are not completely taken at the exact same angle. I made my puppet take too big steps, because it was very hard to balance her. I also had many troubles while editing the movie. Initially I was working with Adobe After Effects. After spending hours trying to figure out how to change speed and reverse my movie (it played the photos in the wrong direction), I switched to Final Cut Pro as I was already acquainted with this editing program. By using a couple of tricks I was able to create my animation. I eventually, however, figured out what I did wrong on After Effects and why it played my film in reverse.

Even though this project taught me many new skills like creating a cardboard armature puppet and using After Effects, I feel like we were given too big of a task to handle in only 2 weeks. I spent most of my half term on finishing the animation.

This is my final stop-motion animation.


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