Animation research

Animation research

Finding Nemo is very technicl especially in terms of animation. The movie is not made using Stop-Motion animation but everything is done on the computer. I found it very interesting, however, how much work and detail flows into the story board.

When I was very young I watched the Lion King musical in Hamburg. I remember being very impressed with the performance and particularly with the amazing costumes. How much work, detail and thought goes into the making of these puppets and masks is unbelievable but definitely worth it. The lion masks need to be made from light material, the Grass costume need to be dynamic the They contribute to a magical experience in the eyes of a child.

The Corpse Bride making of – this is a stop-motion animation by Tim Burton. He not only directed the movie but also created the characters himself. I will probably base my character on his drawing style, because I find his protagonists very effective.

This video shows the behind the scene process of Avatar. In this movie uses CGI technique to the Na’vi, the animated population of the planet Pandora.


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