Feedback on my Work

4 of my A2 research sheets and my A1 photo of the dress sheet are done. I did some sketchbook pages, developing Ching Shih’s outfit. Even though I am quite satisfied with the amount of work I managed to do so far, I have no idea how to finish the whole project by Monday.
During the project review today we had to give feedback on each other’s work. I really enjoy looking at other people’s art as it is very different from mine. Sometimes I am inspired by different approaches. The feedback I got was very helpful, especially for my following projects. For example my sheets were to packed with photos and material so that it is quite easy to be overwhelmed with information just by looking at them. Of course I won’t change the layout now since I already put so much time in them but I will know to either change the scale or use less photos for my next sheet. Due to limited time I also wasn’t able to try out more ideas of shapes on my mannequin, one of the criticisms I got. I am hoping to solve this problem on my outfit development sheets by drawing additional dress pieces on the dress stand.
Nevertheless perceived as my strongest piece in general was my dress. The reason why is probably because I enjoyed working on it the most.



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