Evaluation Vizcom Project

I finished my project this Monday with a final version of my advertisement poster. I really enjoyed this project as I got to explore different areas of graphic design. It was definitely challenging considering that my postcard was of Clevedon and I found it hard to advertise the city. My friend proposed to make fun of the city by using the image of old people dancing in a club as a joke, which I actually ended up using for my poster (I found the idea quite funny).

I also had lots of trouble with finding out interesting information about this city. Overall I especially worked with Photoshop, Illustrator and even Indesign for my postcards. I feel like for some of the postcards like the illustration one and the text and image one i could have done more in terms of drawings. They are my least satisfying works. I also mostly used the idea of Victorian England in my postcards, which could use more variety of themes. I always asked for feedback from my friends and which postcards they liked best, which turned out to be the collage one. I personally also like the typography one, as it could be used as a logo for Clevedon (also proposed by my tutor).
For my next project I want to try to be more organised. This project was a lot of work, which I due to the unexpected internship couldn’t finish in time. I will also try to research my inspiration more thoroughly, in order to simplify my whole working process.


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