Costume Project

My project is very interesting so far. I have finished 3 of my A2 research sheets and am currently working on my outfit for my character. I am a bit worried that I won’t finish the project in time just because we have been given so much work. My aim is to finish the projects always as soon as possible so I don’t have that much work to do the day before the deadline in November.

My chosen character is Ching Shih, a Chinese prostitute and later pirate lord who lived during the Qing dynasty. The research on English websites was very limited, so I asked one of my Chinese friends to help me out with Chinese resources. I find her a very interesting character as she stood up for women, was fair but ruthless and had a such untypical role for a woman in society. I felt that she would really fit in the Hunger Games in the role of one of the tributes. The fact that she has history as a prostitute and a pirate would make her costume very interesting. I also chose this movie as my inspiration because I truly love the costumes in it. Clothes play a very big role in the Hunger Games, especially in the contrast between the colourful and crazy clothes of the Capitol and the dull and practical clothes of the districts.

The fan in the middle is supposed to remind of Ching Shih’s Chinese heritage.
A very revealing outfit refering to Ching Shih’s first job as a prostitute

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