Internship at Vin+Omi

This week we got the opportunity to work for the designers Vin and Omi. I have always been interested in the fashion industry and even went to “Bath in Fashion” in 2015, so I decided it was a good idea to expand my insight in the fashion world during the busiest week of the year, the London Fashion Week. I took a train to London on Saturday and Monday. On Saturday we mainly had to fold masses of origami cranes, which were to serve as decorations for the fashion show on Monday. We spent 9 hours on folding this cranes in several sizes, which showed my that this business is brutal, especially in the beginning of ones carrier. I however got to see some clothes and the planning process of a fashion show. My friend even got discovered and walked the catwalk today. Monday was much more interesting in terms of different jobs. We spent the morning by hanging and folding origami birds (more than 600!) and the early afternoon with shredding bin bags into pieces (they were spread out in the entire room as decorations). I later asked if I could serve as a dresser, which was the highlight of my internship. I got to help the models into their dresses and observe the designers in action backstage. The show was a success and people queued in front of the building in order to get in. Some celebrities watched the show and the two times Olympic boxing champion Nicola Adams was one of the models.

The internship was an enhancing and interesting experience overall. I learned a lot about the fashion industry and that, as an intern, you have to execute the physically most exhausting jobs. I very much enjoyed the clothes that Vin and Omi presented. They reminded my of sculptures, especially in combination with the hairstyle.

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